Friday, October 14, 2011


Good god it was hot today. Nothing compared to the weather at home in the summer, but it has definitely not been this hot in Santa Cruz. Yes, I do happen to be wearing a sweater in these photos but I took these in the morning before I had really been outside all that much.

I look cranky in this picture, but it's difficult when I'm taking them on photobooth with my macbook turned on its side on my desk. 
I finished another friendship bracelet this week. I started making it before I left and finished it today. 

The other day I asked this guy to photoshop our friend Cory into this photo from the beach, but her face on a dolphin's body. So naturally:
It's beautiful, yes?

Anyway, I had some more things to post about, like seeing my brother Jacob and having a bagel, but they shall wait for another post. Look at me, blogging up a storm. I am an awful lot like my mom in every other way so this shouldn't be a surprise. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mom, you said I should start a fashion blog. I'm in a super good mood today and a lot of the time my outfit really makes a difference in my mood.

I wore this awesome denim jacket sweater hybrid that I made right before I left for school. It cost a total of $3 and took about an two hours, mostly because of seem ripping the jacket sleeves off. F21 jeans for $7, favorite boots ever from etsy and I'm pretty sure this grey shirt is from a $1 per pound thrift store I went to in Boston last summer.

This blog has taken me a while to form, one because I didn't have much to post about but mostly because I couldn't think of a name for it. But when I pondered this dilemma a few minutes ago I saw these lovely redwoods out my window.
Lovely, I know. 
So these redwoods and our 'redwood forest' at home inspired the name of the blog.

On the Santa Cruz is beautiful note, here's some pictures from this weekend. We went to the beach and saw 6 dolphins while watching the sunset by a lighthouse with a pier and ferris wheel in the background. Yeah. 

 The Stevenson appartments
 We walked past the boadwalk and over the bridge to get to the beach.
 Walking down the beach to the lighthouse.

 Me, Hannah, Jenny, Melissa.

I love it here. <3