Friday, October 14, 2011


Good god it was hot today. Nothing compared to the weather at home in the summer, but it has definitely not been this hot in Santa Cruz. Yes, I do happen to be wearing a sweater in these photos but I took these in the morning before I had really been outside all that much.

I look cranky in this picture, but it's difficult when I'm taking them on photobooth with my macbook turned on its side on my desk. 
I finished another friendship bracelet this week. I started making it before I left and finished it today. 

The other day I asked this guy to photoshop our friend Cory into this photo from the beach, but her face on a dolphin's body. So naturally:
It's beautiful, yes?

Anyway, I had some more things to post about, like seeing my brother Jacob and having a bagel, but they shall wait for another post. Look at me, blogging up a storm. I am an awful lot like my mom in every other way so this shouldn't be a surprise. 


  1. You look amazing! It seems as though you are enjoying college. I gave one of my co-workers your picture with the lighthouse. She likes lighthouses. She thinks you are a great photographer. I told her she should see your cute outfits!

  2. Hello little cutie! I like your outfit. I'm so happy you finished another friendship bracelet! Go, girl, go! It was hot down here this week too. Didn't you think it was pretty mild over the summer, though?